Aurora: The lost medallion


Aurora – The lost medallion is a 2D, hand drawn, sci-fi, fantasy, point & click adventure game. In short, it is a family space adventure about an alien girl’s quest to find her identity. Inspired by old classics of the genre, the game blends comedy and drama to form a story that challenges your brain and teases your heart.

The story takes place in the Trappist-1 planetary system, approximately 39 light years away from Earth. Below the frozen surface of planet Eedor, a group of children have spent their entire lives in the safe confines of a technologically advanced cave, raised by artificially intelligent robots. Without knowledge of their origins and only a voice recording to guide them, the kids devote their lives to the maintenance of their underground society and the preparation for the “Pilgrimage”, a recurring journey through the frozen wastes of Eedor, to the top of a hollow mountain. There they wait, under the dancing colors in the sky, for a chance to speak with the “Voices”.

Aurora, our heroine, is the only child in the Cave who does not possess a message to guide her. Her wild, curious nature is challenged by the rigid society of the Cave, as the frustration over her confusing identity grows. Aurora’s dream, is to join the Pilgrimage and speak to the “Voices” in hopes of an answer.

The next celebration is coming and Aurora is now of age. This is her chance to prove herself a worthy Pilgrim, but as mysterious clues of the past appear before her, Aurora’s restless spirit will once again be tested, putting her lifelong dream at risk. Will curiosity get the best of her, or will she overcome herself and become the last Pilgrim?

Just point & click

Classic adventure gameplay you love

Original Soundtrack

Original game cinematic score

Rich backstory

More than 5000 lines of detailed backstory

A space fairytale

Mix of fantasy and science fiction

Hand drawn art

Original hand-drawn art

Fully voiced/subtitles in 9 lang.

A rich cinematic experience

Download demo & Wishlist us on Steam

Aurora: The lost medallion is being developed by Noema Games, a new indie team consisting of game enthusiasts, stationed in Thessaloniki Greece.

We are currently in the end of the production phase, finalizing art assets, managing code spaghetti, and testing out puzzle and script integration.

A final version of our playable DEMO is published on You can download it below and wishlist on Steam the final version 😉

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